Personalized support for francophone newcomers in Calgary and Red Deer


Moving to a new country presents many stressful challenges: language barrier, administrative procedures, finances, housing, transportation…


Therefore, our counselors are at your disposal. Take advantage of the knowledge and expertise of our settlement advisors, they will offer you a free and confidential service to answer all your questions.


We will guide you and follow-up with you through a quality accompanying personalized program:

-          Participants will meet by appointment with a settlement counsellor who will evaluate their needs,

-          Our team will then provide individualized advice and appropriate solutions,

-          An online follow-up will be proposed to offer some information about the main additional services.

For any information and registration please call (403) 249-1749 Option 1-1.

Information session


The francophone newcomers center offers information workshops on various themes, all related to your settlement in Calgary. These grouped sessions take place in French. They allow to target the newcomers’ needs.


The workshops are organized to answer all the questions any francophone and francophile newcomers may have, as they wish to get a better future in Canada:


-          Job search

-          Housing and house insurance

-          Banking and insurance

-          Networking and socialization

-          Health, healthcare system, nutrition and education

-          Francophone day camp

-          Life in Canada and Canadian values


These workshops are offered in partnership with francophone speakers and specialized services providers. Our premises are accessible to people with restricted mobility. Coffee and snacks will be served.


These workshops are free and permanent.

Please check our calendar and contact us on (403) 249-1749 Option 1-1 to register

Canadian Citizenship Examination


If you are a permanent resident and have been living in Canada for at least four years, you are eligible to ask for Canadian citizenship.


In order to become a Canadian citizen, you must take a knowledge test.


You must answer questions about:


-          Canadian values,

-          Canadian history,

-          Canadian symbols,

-          Canadian institutions,

-          Rights, responsibilities and privileges linked to citizenship: voting rights and respect of the laws.


Registering for this examination requires preparing a file. In order to ease the process of obtaining Canadian citizenship, the francophone newcomers center offers for free:

-          Help to prepare and send your citizenship request: filling-in the form, preparing the needed documents, etc.

-          The guide Discover Canada: rights and responsibilities of a citizen, your tool to prepare the examination.


For any information and registration please call (403) 249-1749 option 1-1.

Settlement in Calgary and Red Deer areas


The francophone newcomers center offers services that facilitate the integration of francophone people or families, who have recently arrived in Calgary and Red Deer areas. Through private meetings, we help you in various ways:


-          Information about housing

-          Immigration administrative procedures (permanent residence, renewal of the resident card),

-          Help in obtaining a social insurance card, health card and Canadian allowance for children.


Information sessions about settlement in Canada are offered for free. Please check our calendar for future events.


For any information and registration please call (403) 249-1749 option 1-1.

Coffee Meeting for Francophones

The Coffee Meeting is a place where francophones and francophiles can meet with and talk to other people who are or have been living the same experience. Accompanied by one of our counselors, come and participate in order to forge bonds.

Day Camps

During Summer holidays and Spring break, the Francophone Newcomers Center offers day care camps to allow parents free themselves to carry out their settlement procedures and job search. Children can enjoy a safety environment with plenty of fun activities in French.

Request an appointment with one of our counselors

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