Other Francophone organizations at La Cité des Rocheuses

Le centre d'accueil francophone
The mission of the Francophone Newcomers Center is to accompany newcomers and all immigrant communities in their settlement process. It serves Calgary and Red Deer areas. The pre-arrival services serve all Alberta. Phone: (403) 249-1749 – Email: caf@citedesrocheuses.com
Library / multimedia library / toy library
Library / multimedia library / toy library of the Centre d’Appui Familial du Sud de l’Alberta Phone: (403) 217-2181 – Email: info@crfcalgary.com
Le Consortium provincial francophone
Le Consortium provincial francophone is committed to improve students learning process by offering – in schools and francophone boards – access to a professional upgrading from pre-school to 12th grade through training sessions, in order to improve the educational approach and broaden leadership abilities. Phone: +1 (403) 685-1166 – Email: consortium@cpfpp.ab.ca
CLIC Program If you are a permanent resident or a protected person, you can benefit from free language courses. These courses are financed by the Canadian Government. They are called Language Instructions for Newcomers to Canada (LINC) or in French Cours de Langue pour les Immigrants au Canada (CLIC). Phone: (403) 249-1749 – Email: caf@citedesrocheuses.com Téléphone : (403) 249-1749 – Courriel : caf@citedesrocheuses.com
La Société Pommes de Reinette Daycare
Francophone day-care. Our mission is to offer high quality French day-care to Franco Albertan children. We aim at stimulating children’s cognitive, emotional, social, physical and language developments in a safety environment. We are a non-profit organization founded in 1985. Our programs are customized to accompany children in acquiring their social, physical and language skills, and to stimulate their cognitive and emotional spheres, along with their creativity through games. We have our hearts set on creating a safety environment to stimulate autonomy development in every child and work incessantly for it. In Spring 2018, the day-care programs of the organization were awarded with the label “ELCC” from the Government of Alberta (Early Learning and Child Care Center). The ELCC grant aims at improving the quality, the affordability and the accessibility of the child-care services in designated centers. Furthermore, the children of our day-care programs now benefit from the educational framework “Games, involvement and possibilities.” We offer three programs in four different places: SW, NE and SE of Calgary, and Cochrane. The first program is child-care for children aged 12 months to 5 years old. The second program is nursery school for children aged 3 to 5 years old who don’t go to school. The third one is a school day-care program to children going to preschool and up to 6th grade. Please visit the section “Nos emplacements” on our website to have more information about the programs offered in each location. Phone: (403) 217-5599 - Fax: (403) 217-5433 – Email: direction@pommesdereinette.com
Centre d’appui familial du sud de l'Alberta
Le Centre d’appui familial offers : - Recreational and educational activities to children aged 0 to 12. - Support workshop to parents - Questionnaires about child’s development - Workshops about positive parental approach - Public francophone library and toy library for all the family Website: http://www.spefsa.com/ Phone: +1 (403) 249-0525 Fax: +1 (403) 230-0535 Email: info.spefsa@fpfa.ab.ca Site internet : http://www.spefsa.com/ Telephone : +1 (403) 249-0525 - Fax : +1 (403) 230-0535 - Courriel : info.spefsa@fpfa.ab.ca