Thinking about an international relocation and implementing it is a complex process that requires consideration, time, and research.

The pre-arrival service of the Francophone Newcomers Center at La Cité des Rocheuses is aimed at the future permanent residents who are willing to plan and prepare their arrival, in terms of employment, housing, health, community and family life, etc. Our team offers:

- Information and guidance through regular and customized conversations,

- Evaluation of your needs to direct you to our specialized local partners,

- Services connected to employment and your career objectives. 

In order to benefit from our services before your arrival in Alberta, please register and create a profile on

This unique portal for francophone immigrants in Canada (excluding Quebec) is a collaborative project aiming at facilitating interactions within the francophone minority communities. 

After receiving your settlement plan and evaluating your needs, we will contact you to accompany you with your research and questioning. 

You will then benefit from a customized settlement plan, practical advice, and documentation on our private and interactive platform.

Looking forward to meeting you.

Welcome to the French-Albertan community!